Applicationform for adoption

Adoption conditions: (in short)

The adopter undertakes to adopt the adopted animal according to the standards applicable in the Netherlands for his own costs, proper care, sufficient freedom and exercise, good nutrition and housing.

The adopter may not trade the animal nor breed with the animal.

Animals that have not yet been neutralized during adoption must be neutralized within a year of adoption. The neutralization costs are for the account of the adopter.

The adopter indemnifies Stichting Zwerfdieren Kreta and its volunteers from costs arising from a physical or psychological deviation after adoption.

The adopter is itself jointly and severally liable for damage caused by the adopted animal and indemnifies Stichting Zwerfdieren Kreta for costs arising from this.

Employees of Stichting Zwerfdieren Kreta are permitted to supervise the fulfillment of agreements made with the adopter.

These and additional conditions are included in the adoption agreement that must be signed before every adoption.

After sending this application form you will be contacted to discuss this. When there is a match, the relevant animal is reserved for you and a home visit is planned.

I accept the adoption conditions